Andrej Ludwik Mikałajeŭ OPs (Wojsza) (nicolaev) wrote in ru_dalailama,
Andrej Ludwik Mikałajeŭ OPs (Wojsza)

10.12.12. Глобальный день солидарности с Тибетом

10 декабря 2012-го объявлен Глобальным днём солидарности с Тибетом (и молитвы об освобождении от злых духов, толкающих тибетцев на самоубийственный "огненный протест"):

"CTA Calls for Global Solidarity Day on 10 December"

"We call on the Tibetan Associations, Tibet Support Groups, Buddhist Centers, and all our friends around the world to form a coalition with as many human rights groups to organise and participate in the Global Solidarity Day. We also request them to dispatch delegations to visit different media organisations in order to create awareness about the ongoing tragedy in Tibet. Equally important is to reach out to as many members of Parliament, Congress and government officials..."

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